40 Random Facts About Chile

Chile is one of South America’s most beautiful and prosperous nations; here are some interesting and random facts about Chile. From the desert landscapes to the lush greenery, Chile has something for everyone. Chile is a country filled with wonders.

Here are some of the interesting and random facts about Chile.

Random Facts About Chile


1. Chile is comprised of Nomadic tribes who arrived from the north.

2. Chile was originally under the control of the nomadic Araucanos in the south and Incas in the north.

3. The ruler, Diego Portales, fought a war with Peru from 1836 -1839 to expand Chilean territory.

4. The biggest earthquake ever on the earth was recorded in Chile, measuring 9.5 on the Richter scale. The catastrophe killed more than 1500 people and left 2000 homeless.

5. The oldest mummy in the world is in Chile not in Egypt. The child, a Chinchorro mummy from a site in the Camarones Valley is from 5050 B.C.

6. Chile hosted the 1962 FIFA World Cup, and tennis is their most successful sport.


7. Stretching from north to south over 2670 miles, Chile is the longest and narrowest country in the world.

8. Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest place on Earth with an average of 15 mm rainfall every year.

9. Nevado Ojos de Salado is the highest mountain of Chile and is 22’572 ft. high.

10. The Andes Mountains are home to the world’s highest volcano and the world’s highest lake known as the Ojos de Salado.

11. The Atacama Desert in the north Chile is the largest dry desert in the world.

12. The country has almost 4,038 miles of mainly uneven coastline but there are also beautiful beaches.

13. The climate in this country is mostly temperate with desert climate in the northern parts and there is a cool climate in the South.

14. The northern parts of Chile are hot.

15. The driest desert in the world is the Atacama Desert in Chile.

16. There are about 3,000 volcanoes in Chile and nearly 36 of them are active volcanoes.

17. Easter Island, popular for its moai statues, is geographically Polynesian but officially belongs to Chile.

18. Chile is popularly known as país de poetas, which means the country of poets.

Country Facts

19. Almost 95 percent of the population have a mixture of native and European roots.

20. Chile celebrates its independence on 18th and 19th of September every year with Fiestas Patrias.

21. According to law, displaying the Chilean flag during the celebrations is mandatory.

22. The world’s biggest swimming pool is at San Alfonso del Mar Resort in the Algarrobo, Chile. It is over 3,323 feet in length and has a maximum depth of 115 feet.

23. Chile is home to 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

24. Chile has the lowest divorce rates globally.

cities in chile - santiago


25. Fernando Gonzalez is a famous tennis player from Chile.

26. Chile has two Nobel Prize winners in Literature: Gabriela Mistral in 1945 and well known poet Pablo Neruda in 1971.

27. Spanish is the official language of Chile.

28. Major religion of Chile is Christianity.

29. The Literacy rate of Chile is 96%.


30. Chile’s nominal GDP is 247 billion USD.

31. Chile’s GDP per capita is 13,792.93 USD.

32. Chile is the world’s fifth-largest wine exporter, with 100 wineries.

33. World Bank ranks Chile as the high-income economy.

34. Chile is an important industrial centre for textile manufacturers.

Other Random Facts About Chile

35. Ushuaia in Argentina which is located very close to Chile, is the world’s southernmost major settlement and is famous as the end of the world.

36. Chile holds the Guinness World Record for the explosion of 16,000 fireworks in Valparaiso in 2007.

37. As per law, a married couple in Chile cannot share a same, common last name. Wives use their maiden names. Only brother and sister can use same names.

38. Chile is devoid of poisonous snakes.

39. It is mandatory for employers and employees both to sign a working contract in the first 15 days of employment; otherwise.

40. Employees in Chile are entitled to a rest period between 9 pm on Saturdays to 6 am on Mondays.

We hope you enjoyed these lesser known 40 random facts about Chile.

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