The Most Popular Restaurants In Puente Alto – Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

The most popular restaurants in Puente Alto give you a chance to savor delicacies true to the city. The capital of the Cordillera Province has an exciting history and culture which reflects in its cuisines.

In addition to exploring all the local sights, indulge in the local delicacies of Puente Alto to get the true blue taste of the city. The local cuisines will not only whet your appetite but keep bringing you back for more.

Popular Restaurants In Puente Alto

Here are six popular restaurants in Puente Alto where you can sample local cooking.


Address – Avenida Vicuña Mackena 8855, La Florida, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Looking for a good place to enjoy authentic local food then head over to Chilenazo. The place offers good variety of Chilean dishes rich in taste and flavor. The interiors are very modern and offer a comfortable place for you to enjoy a relaxing lunch. You can choose from a wide variety of dishes on the menu ranging from steak to king prawns. The staff is courteous and you can ask about the restaurant’s special dish before you place your order.

Panaderia y Pasteleria San Camilo

Address – Av. Libertador Bernardino O’Higgins, 3750, Santiago, Chile

This place is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. You can gorge on to your hearts fill on pastries in Panaderia y Pasteleria San Camilo and then eat some more. It is a great option for breakfast or a quick bite. The staff members of the bakery are extremely helpful and you can sample a good variety of pastries with a cup of coffee. Its flourishing reputation has got it a fan base and a place among popular restaurants in Puente Alto.


Address – Lastarria, Santiago, Chile

Patagonia takes pride in serving the most scrumptious food that you can find in and around Puente Alto. The interiors of this establishment are chic, tasteful and absolutely comfortable. Along with a great ambiance, Patagonia offers some mouth watering delicacies including steak, quails eggs and chorizo. If you are planning to dine here, then it’s advisable that you make a reservation as it is a favorite among tourists and locals. The staff is also very helpful and willing to help you out in picking the best dish of the lot.

Parrilla Los Ganaderos

Address – Bernardo O’Higgins 1166, Punta Arenas 6201129, Chile

Looking for a traditional Chilean affair then Parrilla Los Ganaderos is the place to be. Even the staff goes a step further to enhance your dining experience by dressing in traditional outfits. The ambiance of the place is nothing short of exotic with lamb racks roasting on the open fire. The menu has a lot of great dishes that you can sample including a great variety of seafood.

Fusion Purpura

Address – San Jose de la Estrella, Santiago 8320000, Chile

This is another great Chilean restaurant for those who are avid fish lovers. The menu is drool worthy and the servings are adequate. On top of that, the great ambiance adds on to the entire charm of dining. Fusion Purpura is also a great place for a romantic dinner with the pleasant local music going well with the entire atmosphere. The sushi is always fresh and made with the best ingredients. Even the choices of beverages are plenty and each one goes well with the chosen course meal. The staff is extremely gracious and ready to help, making it one of the best places to dine in.


Address – Avenida Concha y Toro 950, Puente Alto 8162829, Chile

Puente Alto offers few choicest places where you can sample scrumptious food and Dlima is one of them. The interior is simple with natural lights flowing in and it is a great place to enjoy lunch with family. The menu offers a wide spectrum of Peruvian food and the fish chiclayana and salmon with spinach and artichokes are a must try.

So, savor the taste of some delicious food at these popular restaurants in Puente Alto and let us know your experience in the comment section.

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